My cousin once told me that you’ll always see the barefoot people outside before those wearing shoes. That’s how I felt all through high school. No, people weren’t walking through the hallways of my public school without shoes, but I never realized the diversity of the people around me. This is why I struggled with self-esteem and body image for so long: I always assumed everyone else was perfect and conventionally attractive and I was just wrong in every way, but tumblr has helped open my eyes and see that people come in all varieties. I don’t think I can overstate how much of a difference this has made in my life and in my head, and my hope for this blog is that it can do the same for all of you! 

Margot and I are committed to make sure this blog is diverse in all ways, so if you feel we’re failing in that way, please let us know. And if you want to show off a little, feel free to submit some pictures of your fabulous selves! 

-Admin Anna 

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